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     Formed in May of 2022, The Hunt Brothers Band is the result of an exciting combination of the lifelong dream of two brothers, the convergence of personal journeys, and the willingness to seize opportunity when it presents itself. The story of The Hunt Brothers Band dates back to childhood for brothers Jonathan and Andrew Hunt who from a young age were committed to the idea of creating music together long term. Through a family move to Oklahoma from the Kansas City Missouri area in the early 2000s, they met their long time musical and personal mentors Byron Berline and John Hickman who would prove to be an enormous influence on them and cement their determination to make their mark in music. Soon after the Oklahoma move, they were joined by their parents to form The Hunt Family Band which gained a respectable measure of recognition in the midwestern region and continues to tour as time allows. In October of 2018 while backstage at Oklahoma’s International Bluegrass Festival, the brothers first made the acquaintance of Samuel Grounds and quickly found him to be the type of guitar player they were looking for to help them fulfill their musical vision. Informal jam sessions ensued over the next several years and in early 2022, the time was right for the three of them to formally come together as a band.

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Andrew Hunt

Fiddle, Mandolin

Andrew Hunt (Guthrie, OK) plays fiddle and mandolin with HBB. Like his brother Jonathan, he has been part of many recording projects and has appeared with a number of musical acts over
the course of his career. In addition to his instrumental and vocal chops, Andrew is the business and marketing contact for the band. He has been involved in the broader music industry having
attended Middle Tennessee State University’s esteemed Music Business program (where he earned the Outstanding Music Business Senior award in 2015) and worked in the recording
industry in Nashville, TN before returning to OK. He also heads the youth music scholarship program through Oklahoma’s International Bluegrass Festival.

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Each member of The Hunt Brothers Band had successful and award-winning career even before deciding to pool their talents to become one of Oklahoma’s premier acoustic music artists. With awards such as first place in KSMU’s Youth in Bluegrass Band Competition, formal recognition for both flatpick and Chet Atkins style guitar, and guest appearances with The Byron Berline Band, along with performances at events like The Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS, Oklahoma’s International Bluegrass Festival, in Guthrie, OK, and Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO, the Hunt Brothers Band brings together years of previous experience and recognition in both Bluegrass and Country music. In early 2022, The Hunt Brothers Band also accepted the role of house band at Byron Berline’s Double Stop Fiddle Shop and Music Hall where they perform regularly in addition to their outside tour schedule. The Hunt Brothers Band strives remains fan and relationship focused. They abide by the philosophy that notes and technical prowess don’t matter unless you’ve made someone’s day!

Jonathan Hunt


Jonathan Hunt (Stillwater, OK) plays the banjo with the Hunt Brothers Band. He is an increasingly in-demand recording session musician, recording engineer and producer having recently done work on recording projects for artists such a the late great Byron Berline and piano phenom Tim McDonald. Jonathan’s musical chops are truly second to none and his deep skill in multiple areas of the music production sphere bring quality and polish to the table for HBB. 


Samuel Grounds


Sam Grounds (Nacogdoches, TX) plays guitar with The Hunt Brothers Band and you would have to look hard to find a more versatile musician. Over the years, he has added his talents to multiple noteworthy Country and Bluegrass acts in Oklahoma and Texas. He is a master of both flatpick and finger style guitar playing having received recognition in both categories. In addition to his picking talent, his singing is also mellow and soulful and compliments that of the brothers well. As Andrew said:
“We couldn’t be happier to have Sam on the HBB team. His is a rare talent. His ability to adapt, learn quickly, and perform reliably is a real gift and he is the perfect complimentary piece to the band.”


Henry Burgess


At 16, Henry Burgess (Edmond, OK) has already become a household name in Oklahoma bluegrass. He has had the privilege of recording and performing with Byron Berline, and has appeared at venues like the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS and Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. Henry brings his talents on mandolin and guitar to the Hunt Brothers Band.

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